10GB HDD Install for Smoother Experience on GT5 States Yamauchi


Gran Turismo 5 producer, Kazunori Yamauchi recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account announcing that the up and coming PS3 exclusive, Gran Turismo 5 will run ‘smoother’ if gamers choose to install the massive, 10GB install rather than the other smaller option which is just 256mb.

His tweet which is translated into English is below –

If you work at least a 256M-byte, 10G can play comfortably and free bytes. The RT @ Poric4u: @ Kaz_Yamauchi GT5 How much capacity is installed? I, 40GB PS3 has a

Interesting stuff as what Yamauchi means by a ‘smoother experience’ has still not been clarified. What we do know though is that the game gives players the option of which install to choose (256mb or 10GB) so its clear that the game must run fine if using the lower end install option. More on this as we have it.

Thanks to vg247.

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