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1UP Interview David Rutter


Nice little interview this I have to say from 1UP.com who quiz David Rutter on what he actually means by “revolution” and many other aspects of FIFA 12 including, EASFC, hand balls, match presentation, pressure, momentum, you name it it’s all in there. As well as answering the big questions there are also a few subtle hints dotted throughout the interview with one in particular catching our interest for the upcoming July 11th embargo.

Rutter on FIFA 12 Online: “It’s still a really big focus for us, and I believe that you’ll be very impressed in July by what we’ve done… another revolutionary thing.”

So it seems revolution is coming to FIFA 12 Online too but what could it be? If FIFA 12 adopts the same Online League structure that we saw for the first time in FIFA World Cup 2010 last year, I actually won’t be able to contain my joy. Please let it be that…

1UP Interview David Rutter

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