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2 v. 2 Online: The Petition


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It seems that along with the bizarre choices made in relation to League Mode and Master League in this years game, Konami have made another strange design choice with the online side of things, namely 2 V. 2 online matches. User jjproevo breaks it down:

“It is easy to explain. The new multi-player mode in PES 2013 (2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 or combinations of it) forces you to choose one player in the team before the match starts. Thus, you are not able to switch to another player on the field during the whole match. Before PES 2013 there was no difference between 2vs2 matches and 1vs1 matches, where you could simply switch between the field players by pressing the L1 Button. However, player switching seems to work, when 2 persons sitting at the same console (or PC of course) on the one side and two other persons at another console on the other side.”

The online community are completely bemused and somewhat angered by this set-up, and a petition has now been started by user Locoxx in the hope this matter is given the attention it deserves by the development team. We at WENB are only too happy to endorse this initiative and hope many others will too. Simply click on the link below to get involved…

Konami PES2013 Developers: Remove the Fixed Cursor for Inter-Community Play

Although not much of an online player myself, I am very familiar with 2 v. 2 (or more) play locally and in fact some of my fondest PES memories were of nights in which a group of us would get together and play out epic encounters. Why one would wish to tamper with the make-up of what is a key asset is beyond me.


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