2010 Fifa World Cup: South Africa – Trailer


If there is one thing that’s guaranteed in FIFA World Cup year, its the accompanying game that is released along with it by EA. But unlike the many games that are quickly produced to accompany a big summer blockbuster movie, games that come out with the World Cup and Euro Cup are actually quite good. Especially when i think of Euro 2008, a great footie game that still plays a great game 2 years later.

Now you might ask ‘Why buy a game that will only be attractive while the competition is on tele and is basically a one mode game anyway?’ Well that’s true, but its certainly worth a play, whether you buy or rent it as it really does offer a unique experience of the big competition and is hard to replicate on the years other two main footie games, FIFA & PES, especially when you consider the small selection of international teams in FIFA. Also you might get a peak at some new aspects that will be added to the next installment of the FIFA series.

Anyway, 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa is looking like a great game for the summer competition and it releases on April 1st, here is the official trailer thanks to GameTraliers, enjoy:

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