Heavy Rain demo available on the PS Store today


Im sure most of you are aware that the Heavy Rain demo is available to download today (February 11th) from the Playstation Store but just in case some of you didnt know, i thought a heads up wouldnt go a miss.

For those of you that didnt manage to download the demo early by registering through the Official Heavy Rain site and then working out the clues to be rewarded with the demo, then from today you can get your piece of the action by having a play through one of 2010’s most anticipated games.

The exact time that the demo will be available to download from the store is unknown but normally the store gets updated around early evening time (u.k) so keep checking around that time to see if the content has been added. The demo is fantastic and you get to play through two scenes (levels) and it really is fantastic.

To see my thoughts on the demo, click the link – http://www.playstationgamingblog.com/2010/02/07/heavy-rain-demo-%e2%80%93-impressions/

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