2K Announces Winner Of $1 Million MLB 2K10 Contest


Well, as impossible as it sounded, it was bound to happen.

2K Sports has announced that 24-year-old Wade McGilberry of Semmes, Alabama has won the unprecedented cash price of $1,000,000 for being the very first player to throw a verified perfect game inMLB 2K10. Available to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners, McGilberry managed to turn away 27 consecutive batters to win the ultimate prize. He said:

“It was actually my wife who convinced me to go for it. I never thought I’d actually win a million dollars playing a video game, it’s all still sinking in for me. The game itself was fantastic – I’m glad I bought it either way – but I have to say, this is a nice return on my investment.”

Um, yeah, I guess it is. Vice president of 2K Sports marketing Jason Argent said they “had no idea what to expect” from this contest, but there was an incredible response from fans and great media buzz. …well, if you dangle a million bucks in front of everyone just to play a video game, you’re bound to get a reaction. But this competition had plenty of rules; it started on March 2 and ended on May 1, participants had to play in MLB Today mode, use the default gameplay settings denoted by official contest rules, record the effort via camera or digital video recorder, and all eligible entrants had to submit of copy of that recording for verification. And to ensure they weren’t behind hosed, 2K teamed up with Twin Galaxies International, the worldwide authority on video game world records.

I suppose we’re supposed to say congratulations but it’s hard to do when one’s face is so very green…the color of greenbacks, coincidentally.

What an achievement, congratulations.

Thanks to Danny275 from WENB for this news.

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