35GB of Blu-Ray space used for God of War III


The Director of Technology at Sony Santa Monica, Tim Moss has stated that God of War III uses 35GB of a Blu-Ray discs space and that he is so glad that there are dual layered Blu-Ray discs now available. Before now, a single layer Blu-Ray was 25GB but this has been upped to 33.4GB due to the fact that tests on individual discs for faults and consumes storage space in the process will allow the capacity to reach a new height of 33.4GB per layer rather than the standard 25GB which is great news but even with this technique being used, it still would not be enough space for God of War III but thanks to dual layered discs, that has been made possible.

There are not many developers that take advantage of the huge amount of space a Blu-Ray disc has in capacity terms and it will be interesting to see if other developers change their stance now. But one thing is for certain, Blu-Ray seems to be a god send when it comes to PS3 exclusives.

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