4oD Coming To The PS3?


According to an article found over at Techradar, UK broadcaster, Channel 4 could be bringing their ‘Video on Demand’ service, 4oD to the Playstation 3. In the article it states that the broadcaster are in talks with Sony to bring the service to the PS3 just like another British Broadcaster, the BBC did with the iPlayer. Other companies are rumoured to be interested in bringing their service to the PS3 as well with ITV being another broadcaster being linked with a move to Sony’s console with the ITV Player. The iPlayer has been a huge success for the PS3 so it wouldnt be a huge suprise if other new on demand players made there way to the PS3 in the near future. Below is what a source said about the possibility of Channel 4’s 4oD coming to the PS3 –

“We’re looking to launch on the PS3,” a ‘source at the broadcaster’ told Broadcast.

“4oD is becoming a platform agnostic product and will be successful because of the quality of the content.”

At the moment, this is nothing more than a rumour as neither Channel 4 or Sony have announced anything regarding this happening but personally I think there is a good chance it will happen at some point. More on this as we have it.

Thanks to Techradar for the heads up.

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