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50,000 G & Legends…But Questions Remain


An eventful few days.

So following reward promises made to players with the recent PES League Livestream events, Konami has supplied users with a tidy 50,000GP for use in the games myClub mode, as a result of a views target set by the Tokyo based developer and publisher.

The PES Casual did openly admit to being a myClub player with this years iteration of the game following my introduction event-filled days ago, so I’m pretty cool with this GP boost.

In addition, this week sees the return of legends David Beckham and Zico. Lvl.1 spins are available for victory in all usual places, so it is Online Challenge Cup, Offline Challenge Cup, with Co-op challenge also giving rewards. Each legend has his own agent available for spins too, with the usual +PES Selection player offerings also present.

Had a spin before posting and landed thon Alex Teixeira. AMF. I don’t really need any AMF’s for this 4-4-2 offensive, 5-2-2-1 defensive formation I’m currently rolling with at the moment. Maybe I’ll see if he excels, or just simply provides able back-up in any roles he can allegedly slot into. Yeah, we maybe need to talk about even that sometime. Don’t worry, because if I do touch on that it will form part of the wider observation, comment and critique about the game and series as a whole, not just some myClub exclusive piece. But yeah, player effectiveness in roles they are not completely natural to could be dialled down a notch or two in more than a few cases, and I’m briefly mentioning it in a pathetic attempt to segue into what follows here.

Feedback to the Future

There has been plenty in the way of observation, comment, critique as well as questions over the last few days for yours truly. Yeah, I can’t deny that. The forum has been busy on a personal level in particular, and have used that to respond to both critique and questions surrounding my appearance on the front page of WENB earlier this week. I have not only used it as a means to communicate, answer and elaborate, but also gather the thoughts of others as well as my own. That is to say, I have taken on board forum members feedback.

I think feedback is pretty important to give out, but also take in when required so it will be applied. I guarantee that in applying that which I have taken in will still see opinions and thoughts of my own that others may disagree with at times that are posted on the front page, so there is that, but rest assured it will still be driven by feedback by those on the forum and taking part in the discussion. I’ll talk to those views, with those views, but most importantly utilise them in order to project the more collective thought in the immediate, the local, discussion here on WENB.

More front page content will follow as soon as possible and look forward to touching on all matter of topics, in the meantime…

20,000 player XP to use, a GP boost, and some free agents to try acquire. I’ve got stuff to do.