90-Minute Darksiders Demo coming to PSN


THQ have announced that a huge 90 minute demo of Darksiders will be on its way to the Playstation Network on February 25th. The demo includes the first dungeon from the game, the Twilight Cathedral and it will surely give PS3 owners a big slice of what to expect from the title for those PS3 owners that have not played the game as of yet. A 90 minute demo is great news for PS3 owners as normally alot of timed demos that get released fall way short of that mark in terms of the amount of time the demo runs for so this is of course, good news.

General Manager of Vigil Games, David Adams stated, “We are really pumped to be bringing a playable demo for Darksiders to Xbox 360 and PlayStation3. We really wanted to give gamers a true idea of the variety of gameplay that the game offers and so rather than just making a standard 20-minute demo version of the first few levels, we decided to give away this massive level and reveal the true essence of the game.”

Of course, the game has already been released but this is still a great idea as there are people out there that want to have a crack at the game before deciding whether or not to purchase the full game and this will give them more than enough to make a decision on whether the game is for them or not.

To read the original article, click the link – http://www.ps3vault.com/thq-announce-90-minute-darksiders-demo-9438

Darksiders was released for the Playstation 3 on January 8th 2010.

Thanks to Danny275 from WENB for the article.

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