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A Day In Review


It’s been crazy over the last 24hrs to say the least. We had a video released by JVN, which drew mixed responses. We then had a preview from another site taken down as it was conflicting with NDA’s. Finally we had other tidbits put back without any reason why. Safe to say most are in a bit of daze! We talk about the news in some detail, and try to clarify some things for you all.

The video released by JVN, at first, brought a lot of discontent. With the site mainly bothered about getting the news out, it failed to prep people watching the video about what the main focus was. It wasn’t until PESFan posted the video (at the actual time it was supposed to hit) that we got some details on the code. The video was all about the strategies, and I though it detailed everything perfectly. It goes to show just how in-depth PES 2010 will be.

Now I must admit, I’m getting bored with all the people crying out ‘you said this for the past two years’ when talking about early code. It bores me because this year is OBVIOUSLY different. Sure the ‘early code’ line has been used to death, but it doesn’t take a scientist to admit/realise that Konami are working very differently this year.

First of all it looks lovely, better than FIFA on next gen. Secondly, press and community sites were shown the game the earliest they’ve ever seen it. Konami have then admitted that work on the game is continuous, and bit by bit the work they have been doing behind the scenes will start to come into public view. We’ve been stressing immensely how Gamescom will be key – Konami have stated that themselves.

The buzzword right now is animations, and quite simply they aren’t in yet. We’ve seen some really nice animations in videos here and there, but the core still seems a tad familiar. We’re hoping that Konami keep to their word and the game moves amazingly well, and from what I hear from guys playing recent code, Konami haven’t disappointed.

So whats left to say then? Just wait for Gamescom. Its what we’ve been told, and what you all should do before passing judgement. Besides, it’s less than a week away.

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