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A Few More Manager Mode Tidbits


FIFA 10’s Manager Mode developer Marcel Kuhn has answered a few more questions on the EA forums in recent weeks, but in most cases the same questions were being repeated. However, in the last 24 hours there have been a few interesting statements, so take a look at the quotes by pressing the button below. Thank you once again Marcel!

Firstly, there was the following quote:

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your interest in FIFA 10 and specifically the Manager Mode. Your comments and suggestions really help me to figure out what we need to focus on for the final sprint of this development cycle. Also wanted to mention that you are all showing great patience, trust me I am doing my best to answer all your questions… For those of you that can’t get enough, we’ve got a Manager Mode blog in the works that will have a bunch of more information on the main features of the mode.

I can’t wait to see that! Marcel then followed up with the following Q&A.

Whilst playing MM, I notice that no matter what team I am playing against, what the scoreline is, or what league/ cup game I am in, the CPU seems to only attack a certain way. They will get it out to the wing, cross it in and attempt to score. Rarely do I actually see the CPU attempt a shot on goal from distance or show any authentic build up attempts to shoot. They simply make a pass or two in midfield, pass out to the wing, and cross it in for a header. Will this flaw in the AI be addressed? Will the CPU build up attacks, randomly and realistically so it doesnt feel as if all they know how to do is cross in for a header?

The CPU has different build-up styles depending on the team’s team tactics, so they will feel different. Player personalisation / attributes will add another dimension. I personally notice a lot that I have problems with strong teams (i.e. Bayern Munich), as I prefer to play with small and fast players.

Will the CPU actually attempt skill moves this year? Step-overs, roulettes, etc.?

Yes, CPU players will perform skill moves this year. Of course skilled players (i.e. Ribery, Kaka) will try them more often than not so skilled ones.

Will weather work this year? No matter what view or anything else you choose?

Yes, nuff said.

During your MM, it was quite odd that you had really old players at teams you played against. Will teams bring up youth players and transfer in new talent now?

Squad rotation and the transfer system has been discussed a lot already, highly rated clubs try to weed out older players and introduce fresh talent into their squad as part of that. In addition the new player growth system will result in a player’s overall rating going downhill as he gets older due to his athletic abilites dropping off – this will further contribute to top clubs trying to replace older players.

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