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A FIFA 09 Slowdown Tip


With all the excitement about FIFA 10 over the past week or so, it seems strange to post something about FIFA 09 again! But for those of us who are still playing FIFA 09, especially those playing offline, here’s a handy little tip for you.

After the Ultimate Team update, a few people noticed a bit of slowdown seemed to appear in the game in certain situations offline. Playing Manager Mode games I noticed the tiniest judder when clearing the ball in certain stadiums, that definitely wasn’t there before.

Friends of mine noticed the same thing and one of them even deleted the Ultimate Team update in an effort to get rid of it. That didn’t seem to solve it either, but after rummaging around in the options of the game, a solution appears to have been found; if you switch the ticker off entirely (the bar at the bottom of the menu screens that tells you the latest sports news etc.), the extra bit of slowdown seems to disappear.

To get to the ticker options, load up FIFA 09 and get to the main menu. From there select:

PlayStation Network or Xbox Live > My FIFA 09 Online > Online Settings > Ticker Options

Where it says Friends’ Info and Sports Info, select NO for both, and then save the settings. Then try playing a game against the CPU and see if you notice the difference!

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