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A Look Back At Today's FIFA 10 Press Conference



For those of you who missed the event, click the read more button below for a brief rundown of what was spoken about.

Improved matchmaking
Filters included such as team star rating, controller setting, etc.
Fair play system for rankings

Photo Game Face now in
Create A Club in FIFA Clubs
Regional leagues in FIFA Clubs
Get spotted by other teams whilst playing
Have your entire team’s real faces in the game
200 accomplishments available when you play as your Virtual Pro (such as score a long shot)
As a Virtual Pro your attributes can grow, you can “win” player traits and choose your celebrations

1-on-1 play, practice set pieces (free-kicks, corners and throws)
Full match with other players offline

Intelligent runs that change based on the defender positioning
Better shooting, more variety in the goals you can score
Urgency applies to attacking, defending and goalkeepers too
Defensive urgency means fantastic clearances, reflex blocks, sliding blocks, and stretch blocks
Goalkeeper intelligence means second chance saves, better positioning, desperation saves and playing it safe
Set piece creator allows 8 regions, with up to 9 players moving, with 4 set pieces per region allowed in-game
Protecting the ball is much more realistic
Physical battles look real and feel real
360-degree paths to goal look incredible

Lots more DLC for the game will be available
The Bernabeu will return in FIFA 10 (possibly as DLC?)
Live Season 2.0 was announced but will not be detailed until early September

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