A new 2d adventure game – I fell from Grace


We’re really happy that you’ve found this place, now come check out I fell from Grace

I fell from Grace is the debut title by Deep Taiga studio. The studio is helmed by Patrik, a poet turned game developer, who looks to be onto something really quite special with this title.

The game is soaked in melancholy and focuses on the day to day happenings of medical researcher, Henry, who is struggling to keep afloat in his career whilst caring for his terminally ill wife. The trailer (seen below) highlights this, quite frankly depressing, story and portrays it in an equally unsettling, yet beautiful pixel art style.

At it’s core, I fell from Grace is a 2d side-scrolling adventure game with elements of puzzle-solving and strong storytelling through the art of poetry. Each piece of dialogue is, in fact, a rhyme, adding a contrasting air of whimsy to the dulcet tones of the game. But what looks incredibly interesting is the element of choice. This isn’t a linear game, quite the contrary, and the trailer touches upon some of the choices you’ll have to make in the game. Some of which look decidedly dark. All of your choices form the path of your journey, ultimately creating a tailor-made story based on your actions.

In a scene that is ever-crowded by AAA blockbusters filled with muscular men mowing down thousands of enemy combatant’s, it’s always exciting to see something unique and genuinely intriguing. I fell from Grace will release Q4 of this year on PC.


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