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A World Apart


The header about shows the difference between an in-game pic of Messi in PES 2010 and last years PES 2009. Its an image that portrays a consistent theme when judging and analyzing all the information from the latest version in the PES series. I discuss the impact of the first image, and what we can expect from PES 2010.

“PES Revamp Continues Apace”. A telling line in the header of the most recent press release. Many viewers skimmed over the writing, preferring instead to wax lyrical on how Messi looks in the in-game pic. I can’t blame the people who did, but there’s an underlying message that has skipped peoples interest.

Meticulous attention to detail. A phrase that many gaming connoisseurs would attribute to the team creating PES in the PS2 era. The accuracy of kits, player representation, hairstyles, dribbling animations, whether they wear gloves, short/long sleeve, player attributes, correct boots etc etc etc. All these things were perfect in the old games, where that level of affection from the developers was evident in the final product. That’s been missing for far too long in the PES series, but you feel the OCD has kicked back in. Where else would you see the team so focused on reproducing this: “the level of detail has been extended to individual skin textures and different weaves for the various kits to mimic the breathable material so many manufacturers now use.”

You see it’s not just the graphics that are getting an overhaul, its the love for the game. IMO, PES has been missing that bit of TLC. Funny what a little bit of love can do 😉

Let us know what you think about the press release on the boards! Cheers to nani17 and 01srainey for the header.

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