Abandoned Times Issue 2 Released


Way back in May 2009, the folks at Abandonia released an online magazine dedicated to the retro games we all know and love.

Abandonia stated that Issue 1 was to test the waters for this rather niche online only publication, and if it was worth regularly releasing new issues. Despite being well received across the Internet, they have only just got round to releasing issue 2, and it’s rammed with even more top quality content.

Abandoned Times - Nostalgia to the max

This time, they have decided to focus on horror games and the much loved DOOM series. The (virtual) covers are laden with delicious pixelated screenshots from games of the past, bringing back huge waves of much welcomed nostalgia. Inside you will find reviews on games such as Alone in the Dark, Turok and Veil of Darkness, as well as interviews with inspirational geeks.

Both Issues 1 and 2 can be found on the Abandonia website, and are fantastic to scroll through on your lunch break.


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