Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Gets Idolmaster Themed DLC


The good folk at Namco Bandai have today announced the latest DLC pack for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon will feature artwork from The Idolmaster series.

Full details of the content featured in the pack can be seen below, as well as a plethora of colourful screenshots and artwork to please your eyes!

F-15E Strike Eagle – Multirole

THE IDOLMASTER CHIHAYA KISARAGI: Special aircraft skin based on a character from THE IDOLMASTER series

A fighter bomber with the air-to-air combat ability of the F-15C and additional air-to-ground capabilities. Able to be equipped with a diverse array of armaments, including anti-aircraft, ground attack, multi lock-on missiles and aerial bombs, it is capable of dealing with a variety of situations. Called the “Strike Eagle,” though the exterior is almost the same as the F-15C, it provides various ground attack improvements.

F-22A Raptor – Fighter

THE IDOLMASTER HARUKA AMAMI: Special aircraft skin based on a character from THE IDOLMASTER series

This ultimate stealth fighter is the pride of the U.S. Armed Forces. Aside from flight performance, it has top class acceleration performance and a two-dimensional thrust deflect nozzle which also gives it outstanding maneuverability. Its preemptive strike power, called “first look, first shoot, first kill,” is fitting for an aircraft with the name “Raptor,” the master of the skies.

Su-33 Flanker-D – Fighter

THE IDOLMASTER MIKI HOSHII: Special aircraft skin based on a character from THE IDOLMASTER series-

Using the Su-27 as a base, this carrier-based aircraft was developed for practical use by the Navy. Its speed capability is slightly lower than other fighter craft of the same generation, but it boasts excellent turning performance. Its NATO codename is “Flanker-D”. The main and tail wings can be folded up to accommodate the storage space available on an aircraft carrier.

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