Ace Combat Infinity Open Beta Revealed


An open beta for Ace Combat Infinity has been revealed today by Namco Bandai.

Ace Combat Infinity is set for release on the PlayStation 3 this year and combines features from previous Ace Combat titles with a brand new story campaign and team co-op multiplayer.

The open beta is completely free and will take off on February 4th – 11th. Players of all skill level will have the opportunity to take part in tremendous fights into the endless blue sky of the latest Ace Combat title.

There are two modes available in the game including:

  • Lone wolves will be immersed in a brand new story exclusively written for ACE COMBAT™ INFINITY in which they will have to use their pilot skills during perilous solo missions.
  • For those who prefer to team-up with their friends and to show off their talent as a pilot, aces will form two co-op teams of up to four aircrafts and will compete in incredible air fights in order to inflict the most damage on the NPC enemy forces.

Those who take part will receive a special and unique emblem which will be given at the game launch as a proof of their dedication to the Ace Combat franchise as it launches its first Free-To-Play Beta.

Namco Bandai then wish you to fill out a survey letting them know your thoughts here. Enjoy your flight!

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