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Adam Bhatti Sends a Christmas Message


PES Community Manager Adam Bhatti has today sent a Christmas Message to all PES fans over the world.

In a message given to the folks at PESFan, Adam stated the following:

This has been a challenging year for PES, as we undertake a transition into a new era for the series. Learning from the last generation, the team’s focus was to build a new foundation which would make the move to the next generation much smoother than the last.

At the same time, we understand the ambitious changes have created divided opinions amongst our fan-base and thrown up many unforeseen, but well documented issues. We really appreciate the support and feedback from the community in fixing those issues.

PES 2014 represents a key moment in the series you all love, and as we move forward we hope to fulfil the vision of the PES Production team. Our initial focus is to keep the content coming, with more updates and tweaks as we keep reacting to fan feedback. Looking ahead, the addition of the new European PES studio is already working non-stop with the team in Japan, to make sure all opinions and ideas from the community are considered, allowing us to prove we have the pedigree to deliver a PES game that speaks to all of our fans.

As we battle through a tough period, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who is supporting us, and to assure you all we won’t stop as we look to create a game that sends us back to the top. We know we need to learn from our mistakes, while taking much needed steps forward that elevates PES to where it belongs.

We won’t get there without you.

Happy holidays, I wish everyone a wonderful new year.

Adam Bhatti – PES European Community Manager

Here at WENB, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas + Happy New Year.

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