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AFC Champions League License Reaction


Konami recently announced the spectacular swoop of the AFC Champions League, completing a trio of premiere club competitions to be featured in PES 14.

We had some amazing feedback regarding this acquisition, with many realising more licences can only be a good thing. But I was surprised by some of the tweets, comments, and Facebook posts stating that the AFC license didn’t bother them.

Some of the reasons were that they didn’t feel it affected them whatsoever, or that time spent gaining this license could have been spent gaining other more relevant licenses. However, that all depends on what you feel is relevant. What may be relevant to you and I may not be to someone else. What needs to be remembered is that Konami are focusing on creating a more global product. Just like with the acquisition of the Copa Libatadores and the Brazilian domestic league drew more fans from South America, the AFC license will bring more gamers from Asia. A big factor that fans need to realise is that Konami is… based in Asia! So of course this is actually a deal that makes sense.

A beautiful way to look at this, and this isn’t even from a gaming point of view, is that we as football fans can learn so much about the AFC Champions League teams. If you feel that it doesn’t affect you because you don’t know enough about the AFC, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn. As a massive football fan, any chance to learn about new leagues, clubs, players & even coaches, is a chance I will gladly take.

Not only does this increase our knowledge as fans, but within the game it brings a new dimension to transfers; a whole tournaments worth of players to snap up if they are good enough. I do understand that the AFC license is unlikely to be integrated into Master League but the players should appear in the “Other” section. The players who we know nothing about may be Master League heroes this time next year. That’s the beauty of PES, discovering and nurturing new and exciting talent. I’m sure the same reservations were here when the Copa Libatadores was first announced, but look at it now. People have learnt so much about these South American clubs just by playing through the game, messing with their formations and signing their players in Master League.

The fact of the matter is, expanding the amount of teams PES has to offer is exactly what needs to happen. The more markets PES reaches, the better the game will do. The better the game does, the more money it will make. Of course the more money Konami make from PES can only mean that the money will then be reinvested with in the game. That could mean more licenses, more exclusive competitions, more gold for the PES community.

This really is a massive acquisition, wether or not everyone can see that is another matter, but Konami really need to be applauded for making this move. The UEFA Champions League was obvious, the Copa Libatadores was a natural next step, if not a bit bold. The AFC Champions League is a move very few saw coming, a quiet stroke of genius from future orientated PES fans perspectives.

For those who still think it’s a waste of time and resources, that’s fair enough. Until PES 2014 hits our consoles we won’t truly know how the AFC license will far among the rest of the game, but if it is anything like what Konami have pulled out with previous exclusive competitions, I am certain we won’t be disappointed.

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