Age of Empires Online Celts Trailer Reveals New Units, Weather, and Quests


The latest Age of Empires Online trailer previews the upcoming premium race, The Celts. The trailer reveals some interesting new units and weather conditions.

Age of Empires has experienced a bumpy start to its life as a free2play title, perhaps the Celtic race can go some way to smoothing things out.

It looks like the Celts will be getting some interesting units. The Celtic Priest will be able to produce a buff by sacrificing deer, the Woad Raider is a new unit that can charge into battle, whilst the Celts champion is heavily armoured and deals area of effect damage with every hit.

The premium package will also include new mission types and a snowy tundra that slowly saps the life of friendly units.


You can play Age of Empires Online for free by heading over to the AoE Online website.

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