Akai Katana Release Date Announced


Rising Star Games have announced that Akai Katana will be released on May 11th.

The game, which is developed by Cave blends frenetic action gameplay with intense, visceral battles in order to come up with the best arcade shooting game this summer. The Xbox 360 exclusive will see players experience all of the jaw dropping action is high definition which also comes with the original arcade version. Those looking for the ultimate arcade experience, the 4:3 mode from the original has also been included for total autheticity.

For newcomers of the game, Rising Star Games have created a series of tutorial videos which will show the players all of the features of Akai Katana in order to explain the tactical elements in order to be the best they can be and challenge those at the very top of the leaderboards. The tutorial videos can be seen at www.AkaiKatana.com from May 7th.

Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games stated:

“Cave are world renowned for creating the biggest and best arcade shooters around, and we’re delighted to add Akai katana to that list, come May 11, No other arcade shooter offers the same explosive entertainment and wanton destruction as Akai Katana, and we can’t wait to let this lose on the public.”

Let us know if you plan on getting this once it is released via the comment section below.

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