Alienware Laptops Receive Update, M11x Discontinued


Dell have today announced that their line of Alienware gaming laptops have received updated specifications, whilst the fun sized M11x is set for early retirement.

The M14x, M17x and M18x will see significant changes in the GPU department with Nvidia’s brand spanking new GTX 600m series available for order. The M14x will now come with an Nvidia 650m GPU and 6 GB of RAM as standard. The M17x and M18x will now give consumers the choice of a Nvidia GeForce 675M or a AMD Radeon HD 7970M GPU.

The sad news is that the small but mighty M11x is being retired, despite good reviews. It seems that gamers prefer a laptop with a large screen and full sized keyboard, that plus the new range of ultrabooks that are said to be sporting Nvidia’s 640m possibly offer a sleeker, yet cheaper option.

The update is certainly good news for those looking to purchase a new gaming laptop, unfortunately there has been no movement in the CPU department with Intel’s Sandy Bridge still on offer. The next generation Ivy Bridge processors are set for launch in just a matter of weeks so we can only hope for another update soon.

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