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NES mini is back on the menu, boys

Remember when Nintendo announced the NES mini and caused a rift in the gaming dimension? Remember when they then dropped the pretty immediate news that the NES mini wasn’t going to be made anymore and the hearts of thousands broke? Sad times. Sad times indeed.

However, all is not lost as Nintendo has recently announced that NES mini is going back in production and will be available for purchase in Summer! If that wasn’t enough they’ve also shed some light on the availability of the SNES mini stating that they will continue to ship the tiny console in 2018. Great news all around for fans of these tiny pieces of kit.

Nintendo Direct

A new Nintendo Direct will be taking place tomorrow, 13th September – 23:00BST, focusing on new content for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. Super Mario Odyssey is going to take center stage during the 45 minute Direct, which can be viewed live over on their Twitch channel. I’d expect to see some footage for Xenobladeblade Chronicles 2 running alongside the Mario Odyssey set and, who knows, we may even finally see that open-world Pokemon game on the Switch!*

*Based purely on what I want to see. Like Jon Snow, I know nothing.

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