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2 weeks ago we said we wouldn’t see news for just over a fortnight. With that time now upon us, WENB is gearing up for what should prove to be a massive week for the fans. With the podcast delayed by a few days, there’s no opportunity to do our usual hinting, so a post to fill the gap is a must!

If I’m honest, the Messi motion capture video is huge, but seems to have been glossed over very easily by the fans. It’s understandable, as its impact on the actual game has yet to be shown. We all are intrigued and patiently wait to see what Konami have got up their sleeve. With the FIFA 10 leaks, the fans know more about EA’s game at this stage, and Konami seem more than happy for that to be the case. They seem to be waiting for their opening, like an astute boxer waiting for his opportunity to land that knock out blow. And with what they show this week, while not being that haymaker, will certainly stun many people.

So what is exactly being shown this week? Obviously we can’t say, but WENB is notorious for trying to find ways to hint things to the public – always treaded a fine line to serve the fanbase. So here’s my hints:

Early this week we will be posting 5 articles, 2 of which will be official press releases of some sort. The other 3 will be reaction articles from the team, one of which will be the podcast. So podcast aside, the other 2 reaction articles written by the team are done and ready to post. Revealingly, the two posts are named ‘I Like The Way You Move‘, and ‘Dare To Compare?

For obvious reasons we won’t be reacting to guesses on what will be shown, but you all won’t have to wait long to find out the truth. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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