Angry Call of Duty Player "Swats" Opponent


We’ve all had a bout of gaming rage at one point or another, but this story takes the cake and everything else with it. After losing at Call of Duty, a very angry gamer made a prank phone call resulting in a SWAT team arriving at the house of his opponent. I kid you not.

The victim of what is known as “Swatting” in the Call of Duty online circle was 17 year-old Rafael Castillo. Incredibly, the angry loser made the call via Skype pretending to be Rafael, saying he had killed his mother and might shoot more people.

In what was ultimately a waste of time, the two-hour standoff consisted of around 60 officers (with weapons) and even a few choppers were involved. Ironically and very eerily reminiscent of scenes from certain Call of Duty games themselves.

There were no comments from Rafael himself, but his brother Jose did have a few words to say.

“I thought there was a fire at my house. I ran up and saw my mom running out, I didn’t know what was going on,” said Jose, 21.

“Then one of the police officers said somebody called and said that the mother and brother of somebody in this house was killed. I said, ‘How is that possible if she’s right there and I’m right here?’”

Apparently Rafael didn’t even realise what was going on. Why? Because he was playing Call of Duty, of course. Silly.

“He didn’t realize anything was going on, he couldn’t hear anything,” said his brother. “I told him that there’s a bunch of cops outside that are looking for you.”

I dunno about you guys, but I’m genuinely amazed and shocked that this act of “Swatting” exists within the Call of Duty online community. It’s an actual thing. Damn. That’s all I can say.

For more on the story, head on over to the New York Post website.

Source: CVG


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