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Another New Rutter Interview Video (With Intriguing Bits)


Don’t you just love freezing a video and finding as many funny faces as you can?

I digress. Yet another new Rutter interview video has found its way onto YouTube, but this one has – along with the most random questions that he has been asked on his FIFA 10 PR journeys so far – some intriguing moments. Thanks again to danshankill09 for posting a link to the video on our forums.

The first bit I find intriguing is this response to a question about the guys who only play as Man Utd and Real Madrid:

We are working on something at the moment that might even out the score in online play

Followed by this response to a question about Adidas Live Season:

We’re not talking about what’s going on with Live Season this year but there’ll be some exciting news I’m sure [at] Cologne

Followed by this response to a question about licensing:

I can’t confirm anything about the leagues and licenses in FIFA 10 at the moment but I’m sure there’ll be exciting news soon

Click here to see the video in full.

All together now; FLASH GADULA!

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