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Another Seabass Interview…


This time by Gamekult. There’s some VERY interesting responses, including news that some tricks have been put on a combination of RT/R2 and Right Anaogue stick combos!

Read the full interview here, or hit the jump for a very dodgy translation – brought to you by google 😉

Thanks to ThomasGOAL for the heads up!

It no longer Shingo “Seabass” Takatsuka, man-orchestra series Pro Evolution Soccer. Saw his supremacy challenged last season by competing at last to the height, the set of this season on a greater realism, an orientation “sim” intended by Seabass and his team.
What were your priorities for this 2010 edition of Pro Evolution Soccer?

We decided to focus our attention on the realism of scores, and more generally of the match, the number of goals scored to the number of shots during the game. This choice arise all the improvements we have developed on this new version, in fact. To be honest, seeing the final PES European League ended on Brazil – Brazil with scores fanciful stopped me. From there, we have to try to tend to results far more interesting and realistic.

That’s why you have chosen to reduce the scores and statistics of players when they are not their natural position?

What you mention may have an impact on the ground, but the real difference is on the cards that we have this year. As your readers may know, they replace the star power of previous versions. The fact that they are enabled or not transcribed at once on their behavior in the game. It is a way to reflect the personality of players, individually and collectively. I would add that to arrive at more realistic scores than in the past, we have implemented a system of zone defense, which naturally allows a better distribution of defense, a better coverage of the attackers and a more interesting one against one . It is clear that players like Messi have an innate ability to wipe out their opponent, but the defense won I believe in balance. Now, it remains a PES, a game where the difference can be made at any time.

Just to return the card system, we see on the preview they are disabled by default for the most talented players in the ball off, Messi, the Walcott, or even Cristiano Ronaldo. It was a deliberate attempt on your part?

Initially it is expected that all cards are turned on by default. It was a way to push players to focus on the issue, as is the case of the new tactics that version.

Are not you afraid to open Pandora’s box with the manual of sliders, which could lead to abuse even more glaring than in the past?

Indeed, some users reported on the attack can really play so ultra offensive by changing the settings. But I do not think that pay is a strategy long term. This will save a handful of games, but countered adequately the player may not go to the end of its competition. It is not clear, but between the cards, which symbolize the individual behavior of the player on the field, and the different sliders, which are the choices of the coach-player, there may be incompatibilities that will affect on the ground. Mitigate the defense area, disaggregate the block team will have an impact I think in one way or another on the behavior of players and their playing.

And what about the implementation Teamvision seasons past?

It is different from previous years. It is more a spontaneous artificial intelligence: the computer does not analyze how to play overall to try to counter the player, but rather adapt to each action.

What kind of new gestures techniques have you included this time?

We had two wills: the first was designed to make the gestures available on the left stick but do not abuse it. That’s why most of feints can be made using the directions, with combinations as needed. But at the request of fans and in the light of various surveys that have been made, we’ve added new dribbles that can be launched with the right trigger and right stick. It’sa return to what was already known in the past, but enriched with feints and many more subtle. This version will require therefore even more anticipation and a thorough reading of the game of the opponent, to know whether to engage or not.

After an extended test on the preview, it appears that the centers have a tendency to spin in the third post for no apparent reason, except to stick to one or two combinations. It is a recurring failure that could once again promote the “goals PES” based dribbles and passes down into the surface, no?

I am a little surprised because it has been two years since we retravaillons of the system center. In my opinion, it is now possible to aim with precision where the player wants to drop the ball with the stick or the tilt of the cross. I think it’s also a matter of practice and habit. Actually, what you say I am a bit … (laughs)

This is a specific game, but for example when a player is the second post and I want him to focus, the ball tends to spin really naturally touches on it, even when the centering is free any marking …

(It takes the handle to try to reproduce the phase described Thursday) It may be the difference between the preview and the current version of the game when we enter the final phase today as there many small adjustments of the kind that are made so that it no longer. In fact, when I practice the version we have developed for gamescom, I already pay for the differences between this version, dated a month ago, and I see every day in Tokyo . I was surprised that some do not pass in the feet while they are points that have been precisely fixed. Even I do not always find myself (laughs).

You have highlighted the news of the League of Masters, but what about the way towards a Legend?

To be honest with you, we merely two or three touches this season. Our priority remains the League of Masters, for an upgrade.

In most American sports games, there are historical teams that have made the legend of the game is what we would expect one day to see France 98, Manchester 99 and Brazil 70 completely redone, in addition to the current teams Classics?

I would also be able to propose, but there is always a matter of licensing and jurisdiction is involved, including teams from the past.

Last question, what do you think of the Project and Natal do you already include it in later?

I had the opportunity to touch and it is true that this is an incredible innovation that might eventually do away with the throttle as we know them today. These are things we must necessarily take into account because they open new perspectives.

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