Ape Escape Coming To The PS3


An article has popped up on siliconera.com with news that a new Ape Escape title is coming to the Playstation 3 in Q4 2010 (Japan) and Q1-Q2 2011 for Europe. The title which has been, according to the article in development since 2006, will be the first Ape Escape title to be released for the PS3 and the game has Playstation Move compatibility included as well.

At present, no info has been released regarding the game but within due course, this will indeed happen. Its great news that Ape Escape is on its way back and with the tech of the Playstation Move and the PS3’s power, this could indeed be something very special when it arrives later this year.

The full article from siliconera.com is below-

Sony’s Japan studio began working on the upcoming PS3 Ape Escape game since late 2006. Back then, the game was in rough concept stages. Their plan was to make a sequel to Piposaru 2001.

Piposaru 2001 is a Japan-only PlayStation 2 spinoff where Spike was tasked with vacuuming pants of crazed monkeys to wash them.

Since then the team re-developed Ape Escape PS3 and made it work with PlayStation Move. While the concept may have changed, the ApeClub promo team has been hinting it’s still connected to Piposaru 2001.

Ape Escape PS3 is slated for Q3 2010 in Japan, Q3-Q1 2011 for Europe, and it’s to be confirmed for the US. The final release date depends on the PlayStation Move release date.

Thanks to siliconera.com for the original article.

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