Apex Legends – leaked Titanfall Battle Royale game – to be announced today


Prepare to drop

The web was buzzing over the weekend at the rumoured impending announcement of a brand-new Titanfall game releasing this week. It was said that a group of streamers had been invited to a behind-closed-doors preview of the game. Very little was known, initially, other than this would be Respawn’s attempt at grabbing some of that sweet Battle Royale pie in the form of Titanfall Battle Royale.

More news followed, again, all rumoured, that Titanfall BR would not include any titan combat. Instead, it would focus on pilot combat with squads of three players. The game will be free to play but offer premium cosmetics items similar to the likes of Fortnite. And if that wasn’t enough, it’ll be released today!

Now that it is today, we have some official information! Titanfall Battle Royale is actually titled ‘Apex Legends’ and a live stream of the reveal will be taking place shortly. If you’re free at 8am (PST) / 4pm (GMT) this afternoon (Feb 4th) you should head over to the Official Apex Legend Twitch channel to witness the reveal, first-hand.

Battle Royale. Titanfall. Sign me the fudge up!

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