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Arabian Gold: UAE Gets PES Fever


In Europe, PES fans are no strangers to major competitions and tournaments officially supported by Konami such as the PES Festival and regionals such as PES Rankings (UK). However, in other regions globally these event are more often than not organised by communities/retailers. The UAE however is about to change the game in a big way.

The Million Player is a locally organised PES Tournament in the UAE boasting the most impressive list of prizes the soccer gaming world has ever seen. The 1st place prize is 1 million AED ($250,000 USD), and the list continues with significant cash prizes for the runners up. Supported by what can only be described as the longest list of partners/sponsors, it’s no wonder the cash prizes are so lucrative!

If you fancy yourself winning one of their big money prizes and are based locally, then get your registration fees ready (150 AED, $38 USD) and make your way down to one of the qualification rounds. The tournament takes place over the month of Ramadan so make sure you hurry if you want to get involved. If only the UK would get such a lucrative tournament!


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