Are Microsoft Ready To Kill Off Microsoft Points?


Reports are circling that Microsoft will abandon Microsoft Points by the end of 2012.

The points system which Microsoft has used on the Xbox 360 Marketplace since its launch back in 2005 has been an unpopular choice to many gamers and it seems that Microsoft might be about to agree with such gamers if a report on the Inside Mobile Apps website is anything to go by. In the article, it states that the Microsoft points system which are used on the Xbox live Marketplace, Zune Marketplace, PC’s and Windows Phones will become obsolete by the end of 2012 in favour of the more familiar local currency option like the PlayStation Store uses for gamers to buy content.

It seems like a good option for Microsoft due to the fact that at present, there are two ways that digital content can be bought on the Xbox Live Marketplace with downloadable content being purchased using Microsoft points but full games are bought using your local currency and it seems that Microsoft agree that this isn’t the logical way of doing things. Using Just the ‘real currency’ option will benefit both Microsoft and gamers in general as it leads to less confusion.

What are you thought on this happening? Would you prefer to use real currency as your payment of choice? Or are you happy with the way it is? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Inside Mobile Apps.


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