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Are You The Best Of The Best?


Well we’ve had a few weeks now to get to grips with EA’s latest masterpiece, so do you think you’re ready to pit your skills against fellow gamers? If you are, then this could be the competition for you. FSB will be organising an online league (initially for European gamers on Xbox 360 only) with the prize being an EA game of your choice courtesy of EA UK.

To apply, please contact us or leave a comment in the forum with your gamertag and username.

Participants will have to stick to the following rules:

  1. There will be 20 unique teams from Europe’s elite excluding the five-star teams.
  2. Each team will play each other once; the league must be completed within ten days.
  3. Assisted shooting and passing is not permitted (manual and semi only).
  4. This league will be open to gamers in the EU only to reduce potential lag.
  5. We will use an online league website to track the standings, but all results must be reported to me (JayD) via email. This must be done by both parties within two hours of the game ending.
  6. There will be a vetting process, so nobody is guaranteed a spot.
  7. Further rules will be distributed to successful applicants.

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