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Argentina TV Goes Wild For PES OF!



Now many of us might of dreamed that their very own OF would be loved by the commited fanbase, and perhaps singled out as the best out there. But how would you react if you turned on the TV and saw the national TV channel talking about your file? Thats what happened to Robbye Ron!

I’ve spoken about Robbye in the past on WENB (here). In my eyes he’s an absolute legend, and a type of person this world needs more of. I posted an article earlier this year on how he uses money thats been donated for creating OF’s for PES/WE to give to charity, and even handing out toys to children in his home town.

The video above shows Argentinian TV channel Telefenoticias report on the fantastic OF created by Robbye and friends based on the Argentinean league. It goes to show just how massive PES is in South America!

Congrats to Robbye and all who helped him create the file, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

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