ArmA 3 Release Date Announced


Morphicon and Koch Media have announced that ArmA 3 will be released for the PC on September 12th.

They have also revealed that the game will come packaged as a Limited Deluxe Edition featuring a hologram slip case and contains a special key card, a detailed map of the Altis Island and a printed game control overview.  The Limited Deluxe Edition also contains digital content including the game soundtrack, a digital tactical guide, digital maps and the classic ArmA game Arma Cold War Assault.

ArmA 3 comes boasting maps that scale to an almost staggering 300km². It comes offering the largest battle area of the series and features over 20 different vehicles, aircrafts and ships. In addition players will be able to customize their character with a range of military equipment and over 40 weapon types. The editing tool will allow gamers to design new scenarios and create mods that can be shared with the ArmA community. In addition to the 12 showcase missions and 10 firing drill challenges, players will also be able to team up against the enemy in competitive and co-op battles in multiplayer mode.

It is powered by the fantastic new Real Virtuality 4 engine bringing with it fluid new animations, upgraded sound engine, new ragdoll simulation and PhysX-supported vehicles.

Let us know if you will be getting ArmA 3 via the comment section below.

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