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Arsene Wenger Announced As Official FIWC12 Coach


As we already know, FIWC12 has smashed every record going becoming yet again the worlds largest gaming tournament but what does a massive tournament like this need? A coach, and FIWC12 has signed up none other than Arsenal FC’s Arsene Wenger.

In a recent interview with FIFA.com Arsene talked about his appreciation for the virtual game and of course imparted some of his tactic knowledge on the worlds FIFA gamers.

“It is an honour for me to be able to act as the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 coach. I know that young players enjoy virtual football and I see this development as very positive. The love of football is what brings professional players, trainers, amateurs and fans together.”

You can check out Arsene’s first FIWC12 training camp where he analyses the 4-4-2 formation below.


Not long to go until the Dubai Finals now and we can’t wait.

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