Assassin’s Creed III The Tyranny of King Washington Episode 1 Out Now


Ubisoft have announced the launch of The Infamy, the first episode in the three part The Tyranny of King Washington for Assassin’s Creed III.

The episode is now available for the Xbox 360 and PC whilst PlayStation 3 users will get the episode tomorrow, February 20th.

In this first episode, hero Ratonhnhaké:ton, awakens from an unsettling dream to find that, despite his efforts to deliver justice in the newly-founded United States of America, a new king has been crowned, George Washington. The Infamy will take gamers through the beginning of the journey to dethrone King Washington.

The story will resume in two future episodes which include the following:

  • The Betrayal releasing on March 19th for Xbox 360 and PC and March 20th for the PlayStation 3.
  • The Redemption releasing on April 23rd for Xbox 360 and PC and April 24th for the PlayStation 3.

A trailer for the first episode has been released. Let us know if you plan on getting this first episode via the comment section below.


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