Awesome Games Done Quick… and Quirky!


AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) is a bi-annual fundraising event that raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation in the USA.

Stripped to it’s core, AGDQ is a gaming marathon that goes for an entire week and Twitch is on hand to show every second. So how does it work? Gamers from across the world come together and show off their speed running skills. It is then up to us viewers to make donations. These can sometimes be put towards specific in-game events that can be done in each game, or naming something like the Nidorat “John Cena” in Pokémon.

It’s great to see that gamers can put their talents to good use, and we as a species have something to throw back at all the neigh sayers who think gaming is lame and pointless.

As a fan of Speedrunning I was glued to every outlet of Twitch available whenever possible for the week, and below are some of the highlights you should check out!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – 4 player co-op and 100%

Majora’s mask is by no means up there with some of my favourite games ever, but when I saw that 4 players were going to complete it, I had to take a look. For the most part the runners take it in turns to do sections, showing off some cool glitches along the way. The absolute pinnacle that had me grinning from ear to ear though, the final boss fight. 4 players. 1 Controller. Blindfolded! Skip ahead to 05:25:00 to see it.




I… He… I mean… He… Just what!? Some humans can do ridiculous things at speed. I’d never heard of Stepmania until I saw it, so lets just call it a rhythm game. Skip ahead to the 12:20 mark for this one and take a look for yourself…



Batman (NES) – 4 player race.

4 Speedrunners run the same game at the same time (4 different screens/consoles/controllers) in attempt to see who will finish it first. I watch these runners regularly on Twitch and I am always baffled by the fact that a game I used to struggle with, and never completed, can be beaten in under 11 minuets. Head to 16:50 and the racer will be on the starting grid.


If the speedrunning itch hasn’t been scratched with the above, check out the Games Done Quick YouTube channel for a whole host of titles that people complete far quicker than was ever intended. You may see something that you just didn’t think was possible!

You know you're a gamer when you live for the smell of a feshly opened game, mmmmmmm yes! I fell in love with games the day I was given a NES which came with Teenage Mutant Nunja Turtles and Mario Bros. Since then my tastes have developed and I'll happily play most genres, but I can tell you that scary games are a no go! I also try to avoid realistic racing titles. It's Mario Kart for the win!


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