Awesome new God of War III gameplay footage


A new video has emerged of gameplay footage from Sony’s blockbuster title, God of War III. The new video (originally posted by is just shy of 9 minutes long and it gives a fantastic look into what the game will be like once it’s released to the general public in a few weeks time (i.e bloody epic!)

One of the parts of the video is around the 1:10 mark when Kratos comes face to face with Poseidon really stands out as its sensational in every way. It really does show the amount of time that the team at Santa Monica studios have put into this game as the scale of everything is breathtaking. Add to the fact that everything runs so smooth and you have one of the best looking games ever created. Its stunning to look at it really is.

Although we are not even a quarter of the way through 2010 yet, this game will be a front runner for Game of the year by the looks of what I’ve seen and also what everyone else is saying about the title in the media.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling on!.

The fantastic video is below –

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