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Back From Barca


What an experience. The sun, the footy stadium, and the women beach (went with the missus!). A nice break away, and even nicer that I’m back with some news regarding the site!

Oh my, it was a break I needed. End of the fiscal year is always a pain, and this break was booked well in advance. Even better then that the destination was Barcelona, home of great weather a great footy team. The stadium wasn’t half bad either 😉

But onto the website, and some great news regarding WENB. First of all a new member of staff will be joining the ranks. His name is Gari Clark, many will know him as Gari14 from the forums. His role will be a forum moderator. Right now the people who are signed upto the boards are an extremely small percentage of our visitors (something we’ll post about soon), but with news coming soon and with the expected upturn in visitors and people signing up there will be need for more help.

Along with his role as a moderator Gari will also be taking an important role within the team, by being our Gamescom representative! Many of you will know Gamescom is this years Leipzig GC, only that its being held in Cologne instead. With me and Suffwan absent last year due to seeing a more complete version of the game in London a few days before the event, we’re hoping the same will happen again this year. With Gari attending the show in Germany however we will have both showings covered. He’ll also be armed will a press pass allowing him more time with the game, with none of the eager pubic to battle with for some PES 2010 game time! We’ll have more on the event and our involvement with it closer the time. Gamescom begins August 19th.

It’s great to be back, and with us now being in April we’re not too far from news of PES 2010. Excited? You should be.

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