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Back In London Town


So I’m back in the UK after a very eventful three days at the FIFA 10 Community Event in Vancouver. So much to say; click below to read more.

Before we start I would like to thank everyone at EAC for their wonderful hospitality. There are so many names to mention and since I am severely suffering from jet-lag I worry that I will leave someone out, but thanks to David Rutter, Gary Patterson, Aaron McHardy, Mike Takla, Sam Cooper, Enrico Bongo, Aman and anyone else I may have missed out involved in the organisation of the event and baby sitting us. Special gratitude is reserved for Romily Broad himself for getting us all out there and making sure we all had a great time.

By now you all know that we have played FIFA 10. I would love to spill the beans and tell you everything you want to know but unfortunately that won’t be possible until the NDAs expire. But I can reassure you that FIFA 10 is in very safe hands (we’re talking Peter Schmeichel in his prime). Be sure to check this space over the next week as we have a ton of things to say about the game.

The community day also provided us with a brilliant opportunity to meet other prominent community members as well as the current FIFA Interactive World Cup champion, Bruce Grannec. I must say it was a pleasure spending time with these great lads from all corners of the globe.

I’m off to catch some sleep, but for anyone who was wondering, Vancouver is a wonderful city.

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