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Back To The FIFA: Aesthetics



Throughout this series, we’ve asked you guys for feedback on the core elements of FIFA. Game modes and Mechanics have already been covered so in this post we’re asking about your hopes for the aesthetics of the game as time pushes on.

What changes would make the game look and feel more genuine to you? I think every FIFA player would agree that the crowds need work, but what changes should be made to give them more life? Models a little closer to the pitch such as cameramen definitely need to be more authentic (actually moving would be a start) but what should they be doing?

What do you guys want to see in the way of cut-scenes? Should we be shown the bench getting animated when penalties are given, should we be seeing players crowding the ref more often, or should cut-scenes be made less frequent, with these details being shown in engine, on the pitch?

Trophy celebrations are currently an extremely weak showing, so how can EA make them feel more believable and use them to offer a genuine sense of accomplishment in modes like CM and FUT?

How about general in match presentation? Do you want a more polished presentation akin to Sky Sports on a Sunday, or should that be stripped back in favour of creating a grittier experience more along the lines of actually being at a game?

I’d take it as read that the number of players captured with EAs 8 way capture tech will continue to increase and kit’s will continue to improve, but what do you guys think is needed to make FIFA feel like a living breathing football experience?

If you want to add feedback via Twitter use the hashtag #WishFIFAWouldBe.

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