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Back To The FIFA: Gameplay



Ok, so earlier this morning we launched our Back To The FIFA series asking you to start thinking about the future of FIFA not just for next year, or the year after that but three, five maybe even ten years in the future with the only limitation being your own imagination. First up, we want you to think about FIFA Gameplay.

We’ve seen some major advancements in FIFA’s gameplay since the move to next-gen consoles with 360 Dribble, Personality Plus, Skill Moves, Precision Dribble, Tactical Defending and the Impact Engine all now mainstays of the current FIFA series. But what other new technology would you like to see represented in FIFA’s gameplay?

No ideas are off limits here guys and no suggestion is too silly, or too wild just literally empty your brain (not literally) in to the comments section. Think passing, shooting, free-kicks, penalties, collisions, referees, AI, animations, tactics, motion control, virtual reality, voice control anything you think FIFA could embrace or benefit from on the pitch over the next ten years.

Right that’s enough rambling from me, the comments are yours. What do you think is the future of FIFA gameplay?

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