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Back To The FIFA: Online Modes


Where next for FIFA’s Multiplayer?

It’s Wednesday and that can only mean one thing, it’s time for the next installment of Back To The FIFA. This week we want you guys to have a think about FIFA’s online modes and what new features you’d like to see over the next five years?

FIFA 12 marked a revolution of sorts for FIFA in the online space and there’s no doubt that Head To Head Seasons has improved the multiplayer experience immeasurably in comparison to previous games. But what do you think is the next step for H2H Seasons, or do you have a totally new idea for an online mode you’d like to see in FIFA?

As well as game modes that form a core part of FIFA on our consoles, this generation has also seen a swathe of supplementary online components like Game Face, the FUT Web App, Creation Centre, EA SPORTS Football Club and the  recently announced FIFA Street Network. These are all great but they can of course all be improved and what other FIFA online “apps” would you like to see? We’re dying for EA to put Custom Tactics online, which is surely a must for FIFA 13 and beyond?

Finally, an area of online play where FIFA has yet to excel is the mobile market and although an iPhone version of FIFA is great, we’d really like to see our FIFA console experiences connected persistently where ever we go. How could EA do this, what in-game content do you think would transfer well on to a handheld?

Your feedback has been amazing so far, and we’re recording absolutely everything. Hit the comments and help shape the future of FIFA online.

If you want to add feedback via Twitter use the hashtag #WishFIFAWouldBe and head over to Sweetpatch.TV

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