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Back To The FIFA: Pro Clubs/OTP



Another week, another Back To The FIFA post for you to start thinking about. If you’ve missed this before, you can catch up on the previous posts with this tag.

In the last post we asked about Online Modes, but this week we wanted to concentrate specifically on Pro Clubs and OTP. Virtual Pro hacking has been an issue ever since unlockable progression was introduced. There are always assholes that don’t want to level up fairly and just want an edge as quickly as possible, but there must be a solution.

Is having two virtual pros the answer? Having one stored online and one offline removes the issue of VP hacking, but it presents it’s own issues. Do you keep the existing accomplishment system and have to unlock everything twice? Do you remove the accomplishment system from online altogether? If so how do you reward frequent play and determine growth? Should VP progression stay offline and have stats levelled out like FIFA 09 online? How about a system where your VP is stored on the cloud and pulled down when you log in to the servers, with unlocks only being available if you’re connected?

What about features? What do you think is missing from the modes that would make managing and playing with your club easier and more enjoyable? Could there be more options in place for OTP to deal with idiots? We want to know what you guys think about all of this. As ever, let us know in the comments.

If you want to add feedback via Twitter use the hashtag #WishFIFAWouldBe and head over to Sweetpatch.TV

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