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Here is a piece on the game that is set to take the world of sport and the depiction of movement within a sports game by storm, that game, Backbreaker.

Multiple Game Modes:

Arcade Mode- Described as almost a training for the Pro Mode. Takes you through the game mechanics and the ins and outs.

Pro Mode- No CPU assistance, for the hardcore Backbreaker player.

Custom Mode- Tweak and arrange everything and anything you want from the roster to the playoffs to the amount of teams in the season, 8-16-32.

Season Mode- Core aspect, take one of the premade teams or create your own and take them through either a 8, 16 or 32 team league season. arrange aspects such as player draft and scouting to your liking.

Many different combinations and choices for create a player, and create a team including over thousands of combinations for logos!
It seems that Natural Motion has come up with one of the sleeper sports hits of 2010. If you are die-hard American Football fan, you must play this game. Time will tell if the gameplay matches what we are told and shown. I am putting all my money down on this game to be one of the must have sports titles this year. If you are currently reading and saying to yourself,’It’s no Madden’. Just because a game doesn’t have your favorite team, does not mean it is a bad game. Do not judge a book by its cover as it goes, you want the perfect roster? Create it. You want your favorite team and logo? Create it. If that is whats stopping you from trying out what could be an amazing first outing for Natural Motion’s Backbreaker.

Amazing Euphoria Engine:

Get on the field with one of the most advanced physics engines in the business. Imagine a football game where no two tackles are the same. No canned animations. Backbreaker is the game for that. Engine has been used in such titles as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Grand Theft Auto IV, and upcoming titles such as Red Dead Redemption.

Backbreaker Mode- The mode the game was named after, take a created team through a rags to riches story and start from the ground up and become the best team on the field.

Infinite Possibilities:

60 Teams will launch with the game Created By the developers using the create a team feature.

10 Stadiums, some will unlock through progression of the Backbreaker Mode

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