Backbreaker: New Video Released


505 Games and NaturalMotion have released a new video detailing how players can master the running game in the soon-to-be released football video game Backbreaker. The video demonstrates the beauty of the animation system as well as the simplified controls, giving players unprecedented running, juking and aggressive maneuvering abilities.

While using the left stick for movement will be familiar to football players, Backbreaker players will get to use the right stick for special actions like juking, spinning, stiff-arming or diving over the defensive line at the end zone. In agile mode, players can run, turn and jump to avoid tacklers, and throw off defenders. In aggressive mode, players can run faster, as well as stiff-arm and plow through on-coming defensemen.

Players will hit the gridiron when Backbreaker ships for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 1st.

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