Backbreaker: UK Release Date & New Trailer


Im not a fan of American Football at all and would have no interest in playing a video game version of the sport. But if any game tempted me, its 505 Games Backbreaker. Backbreaker looks stunning everytime i see it and alot of that is down to the Euphoria Engine the game runs on, this is the first time a sports game will use the highly acclaimed Engine from NaturalMotion. People might remember that the masterpiece that is GTAIV used this engine and if youve played it as much as me then you would recognise how unique this engine is. Using “Dynamic Motion Synthesis”, players can display an unlimited number of animations, all depending on where they are hit. Unlike other games that have predetermined animations, in Backbreaker, no two animations will ever be the same.

Well to get to the point, 505 Games have announced the UK release date for the game, along with a short trailer:

Looks fantastic. If the game proves to be a success, which looks likely, then this might encourage other sport game developers to implement the engine, in particular, EA and Konamis football games, FIFA and PES. Athough unlikely as it may be for them to do this, it would certainly add to the realism of both games.

The game will be released on June 25th this summer. Thanks to for the news. Discuss in our Forums here.

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