Background patching on its way to the PS3?


One thing that annoys me about the current next gen systems is that if a developer decides to release a patch for their titles and you want to get cracking and play said title online you cant due to the fact that you have to sit and wait until the patch/update has finished downloading before you can start playing. Well according to, this could be about to change with news that background patching will be coming to the PS3 very soon. Below iS what they had to say on the article they posted earlier today –

We’ve had word off the record that the PS3 should, at some point, get background downloading for game patches. One of my few personal issues with the PS3 (and indeed modern gaming in general) is that every time the developers patch a game you need to sit and wait for the new version to download before you can play online. However, if our source is to be believed, this could change.

Naturally, Sony aren’t commenting on this one, and we do have to stress that this is very much a rumour at this point as TheSixthAxis cannot verify the information but if the PS3 can figure out which games you own (or at least, have played recently) and automatically grab the latest patches in the background whilst you play another game then this would make at least one person very happy indeed.

Potentially rather brilliant – so how do you feel about this?

I for one like most im sure, want this to happen as soon as possible as it really would be a great addition to have for the PS3. At the present time its not a huge problem but if there is a way around this problem, then im all for it.

More about this as we have it.

Thanks to the guys over at for the article.

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